Thursday, February 14, 2019

Newer Restaurant/Eatery Buzz Around Town

Newer Restaurant Buzz Around Town!

Recently closed:

Ohana Cupcakes (Oceanside), Little Cakes (Carlsbad location only), Pisco (Carlsbad), Tea Lane tea house (Fallbrook)


Culichi Town- Opening soon. Sinaloa style Mexican food. This is a chain. They offer very interesting food items- do not expect typical Mexican offerings. Please check out the menu to see for yourself.

Wildwood changed hands and adjusted their name as well, now it is going by Wildwood Crossing. New owners, new chef, updated interior.  Live music lives on. Check their schedule online. Great menu and reviews are coming in solid, including mine.

Cat & Craft- a delightful coffee shop that offers treats and savories and has a cat adoption sanctuary located in the same building. Make an appointment ($12) to hang out in the cat room for an hour while you sip your coffee.

Shak's Mediterranean Bistro- Brought to us by the folks of the former Armenian Cafe in Vista. Serving fresh Mediterranean, Lebanese foods. This is one of my faves! I recommend the gyro plate!

Dog Haus- Delish dogs and burgers served on toasted Hawaiian rolls. Lots of fun and interesting toppings! Messy, messy goodness.

Carlsbad Ranch Market- Small specialty market with fresh foods and local produce, some hard to find items and a hot bar, soup and salad bar and a small restaurant with some great happy hour offerings like burgers and craft beers. I can't wait to try it!

Que Tortas!  This is a very casual sandwich shop that serves their signature torta sandwich on a house-mad delicious bolillo roll. They also serve soup, a delicious fruit bowl with loads of varied fruits, acai bowls, smoothies, juices and aguas frescas. Locally owned and run. Stop in and tell the owner Martin hello.


EXHALE- by the people who brought us the very popular Local Tap House (LTH). Serving innovative wood-fired cuisine.

Blade 1936- Coming soon. Originally was supposed to open in October of 2018 in the former Blade-Tribune historic building in Oceanside. They will be serving modern Italian food.

Dija Mara-  Acclaimed Balinese fusion offerings.

Tambo Cafe- Peruvian Cafe from the folks that brought us Panca Peruvian.


Toast Gastrobrunch- A delightful brunch spot brought to us by the Sammy's Woodfired Pizza people. Takes the location of former Sammy's, then Pisco.

Clara- Fresh, market-driven foods and signature cocktails. Delish!

Jeune et Jolie- Serving upscale French food.

Harumama Carlsbad- Noodle house with some unusual menu items. I love their udon noodles!  Adorable savory or sweet character buns.  2958 Madison Street 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Meet The Jacklins of Eclectic Vintage Design in Oceanside

Meet Kim and Rick Jacklin of Eclectic Vintage Design in Oceanside!  Three years ago they purchased a building on Mission that sold used furniture. Their intent was to paint the beautiful furniture there and offer workshops to customers to teach them how to paint their own furniture. Today, you can find them in their brand new, beautiful location at 4259 Oceanside Blvd where creative classes are offered and you can find the goods of dozens of local crafters and makers, as well as free-trade goods.
Rick, a San Diego native and SDSU graduate, wanted to return to North County after he retired from his CPA position in Northern Idaho. His wife Kim is a retired bank executive.  She has an extensive background in commercial and residential design. As an artist herself and with a large community of artists surrounding her, she understands the compelling artistic drive and passion to create. She also understands first-hand the frustration with the process of getting crafted goods to the marketplace. She believes that with so many cheap imports flooding our markets today, that our talented artisans and makers are often overlooked. Rick and Kim's goal is to help local vendors and the local community find each other! Their desire is to create a unique retail experience which is beneficial for both the artist and the shopper. Through various workshops and creative parties, they hope to help people enjoy their own  talents and learn new ones too.  Stop by soon and see what they are all about!  Tell them that you learned about them on Around The Town! Remember, when you shop at stores like Eclectic Vintage Design, you are doing the important and rewarding work of supporting local artisans and makers as well as local small business!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Setting Up a Household Emergency Kit

It's always good to be prepared for an emergency, so I just wanted to get everyone thinking about being prepared, just in case.  There are many situations that require an emergency kit for peace of mind and emergency preparedness ranging from big storms to wildfires. When an emergency situation strikes, time is of the essence. Find a sturdy, portable container or tote and assemble the following:

  • 3 days worth of food and water, and can opener if needed
  • first aid kit
  • battery powered or hand crank flashlights, radio and batteries if needed
  • duct tape and trash bags for sheltering (see for details)
  • regional maps
  • items for personal sanitation or specific family needs (hygiene, pet supplies, etc.)
  • medical masks to protect against air-quality issues and infections
  • small amount of cash in case ATM's are down (5 days worth is ideal)

Remember to keep your kit updated and fresh. Check twice a year or more if needed. Has your power gone out? not a bad idea to unplug appliances and electronics, turn off heating/cooling systems to avoid damages that come with power surges once the electricity is restored. Leave on one lamp so you will know when power has been restored. It is a good idea to make a family emergency plan that includes meeting places (one nearby and one further away). Keep a copy of this plan in your kit. Teach all family members to text. Even if phone lines are down or backed up, texting will usually go through. Being prepared = peace of mind.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Importance of Adding Local Theatre to Your Life

When I was a young girl growing up in the Bay Area, in order to get out of the neighborhoods and onto the freeway, you had to drive past this little old playhouse in the city of Lafayette. I remember the rustic wood shingled building and a sign that had masks on it much like this picture. I always wondered what went on behind those walls. I had no idea. I never met anyone that went to see a production there. I just knew that someday I wanted to find out what it was all about.

Flash forward, (I won’t say how many years 😉) and local theater has become a big part of my life. I’m very thankful that Moonlight Stage Productions, The Star Theatre, Vista's Broadway Theater, productions at local high schools and the former Avo Theatre have pulled me in. I can’t tell you what a treat it is that local theater has become a regular part of my life and something that I value and look forward to. I’ve seen some really amazing shows and I feel like I am greatly enriched because I have. I love that local theater gives local talent a chance to grow and bloom and we all get a first row seat. I also love that they provide so many opportunities to get our young ones involved, both on the stage and in the audience. I would like to encourage you to make local theater part of your life as well if you haven’t already.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Meet Carla and Linda of Carla and Linda's Walking Food Tours

1.  Tell us about yourselves:
Carla and I met 23 years ago in Victorville, CA. We have been a couple for 22 years. We have lived in North San Diego County for 16 years. We love food.

2.  What inspires you  about food in north county?
The young Chefs are not afraid to experiment with foods. Cheese does go with fish when done properly. I love that I met Chef Darryll (Masters) at Cyclops Farm. He was there because he wanted to feel the dirt from which his veggies were grown.  I love that a lot of the Chefs did other things before they found their calling; Chef Marc (Petite Madeline) was a nurse; Chef Willy (Mission Ave Bar & Grill) trained to be a mechanic.

3.  How did you get your start?
When we first moved here going out to the Olive Garden was something special. We now know what real good food tastes like and we will never go back. We want other people in our community to know what good food we have right here in our own back yards. We support local food, chefs and farms. Oceanside had a bad reputation for a long time so the food scene kinda surprised a lot of people. We are happy to be part of the explosion.

3. How does a walking food tour work and how much does it cost?
We charge $49 per person. The tours run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30pm in Oceanside and Saturdays from 1:30 to 4:30pm in Vista as well. We spend about 30 minutes or so at each place so you can get a feel for the restaurant. We do private tours during the week with certain minimums. We walk you around to 4 restaurants and provide all of the food, beverages are available for purchase at the restaurants. We have great relationships with the Chefs/Owners so we get off-menu dishes from most of our establishments. We also give fun facts about the area as well as telling you about the restaurants and Chefs.

4.  What are your favorite parts about running a walking food tour business?
The people. We love to share our experiences with others and this is the perfect stage. We are excited about food and love when we can share it with others. We have made many friends. It gives us joy when we have people return to take another one of our other tours.

5.  If someone wants to take a food tour, how they go about that?
They get on their computer or phone and sign up. or Linda's private cell number is: (760) 401 5968. They can use code: fun10 to get $10 off. If you want a private tour you will need at least 4 people and pay full price. You will get to choose what day and which tour...the times stay the same at 1:30 to 4:30pm.