Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cash Back on Dining with MOGL Program

I have recently heard of this program, MOGL, but have not checked into it too extensively at this point. What I can tell you is that if you like to eat out regularly and would like to be involved in a cash-back program for your participation, it is worth checking into. You register your designated credit card, dine at participating establishments and get 10% back on your card. The program is picking up speed in San Diego and other cities and you will be surprised to see lots of fine restaurants partnering up with MOGL as the word gets out. Use my link and you will also start your account with $5 just for signing up.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Print Valuable Grocery Coupons on Around The Town

I hope you take advantage of the coupons available to you on which you can access any time, any day from Around The Town. You can always click on the banner ad available on Around The Town blog (on main page) or on Around The Town's web page. Normally at the end of the month you see the supply start to dip a bit, but I checked today and there are still some SUPER coupons left which include: Select Harvest soups, Pillsbury Sweet Rolls, Johnsonville sausage, M & M's, Uncle Ben's rice, Yoplait, Garnier Fructis, Snapple, Carmex, Hormel Chili, Hormel bacon bits, Hormel chicken, Ball Park hot dogs, Oscar Mayer Carving Board meats, Bagel-fuls, Athenos products and more! Please check in often and print all the coupons you can use.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cleaning Tips for Energy Savings

Get the most for your energy dollars by doing a little cleaning.

1) Clean door seals on your refrigerator and freezer and oven to prevent leaks. Replace seals that are loose, cracked or torn. One way to check for tight sealing gaskets is to close the door on a dollar bill- if you can easily pull out the dollar, you may need to replace the door gasket.
2) Unplug your refrigerator and carefully vacuum or dust dirty condenser coils.
3) Replace disposable filters on your air conditioner or heat pump, or hose down permanent filters every month or two, as recommended by manufacturer.
4) Clean lint and dust from the outside condenser coils of your a/c or heat pump by spraying them with a detergent and water solution and hosing them down.
5) Clean a/c equipment and vents of indoor and outdoor obstructions, such as furniture, weeds and debris.
6) Dust or vacuum fans to make sure they work properly.
7) Remove built-up lint and dust from the clothes dryer exhaust duct, the outside dryer exhaust terminal, the back of the dryer itself and behind the lint screen.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shop with Purpose- Art N Soul on 101 in Encinitas

I discovered a fun store when out and about on the Coast Highway in Encinitas called Art N Soul on 101, and they sell an eclectic mix of art/jewelry/paintings/treasures, all created by local artists. Very fun place! The best part about this store is that it is staffed by all volunteers, and after the artists and the rent are paid, the remainder of all profits go solely to support local charities such as the Community Resource Center, the Store front Shelter, A.R.T.S. and Guitars in the Classroom. The store also gives local artists a unique platform and opportunity to showcase their works. So shop Art N Soul on 101 to both support the artists of your community as well as some great charities. You can find the store on the Coast Hwy, between the big Encinitas sign and the Lumberyard Center. While there, you can find a great mix of shops in the surrounding area, including the new Whole Foods Market.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rid Yourself of Unwanted Catalogs Today

A great 2012 resolution? Cut down on mailbox clutter and help save the planet at the same time! Catalog Choice helps you clean up your mailbox and save a few trees in the process. Sign up for this FREE service- simply list the catalogs you no longer want to receive, and they will handle everything for you! How cool is that?

Don't Forget to Register Your Starbucks Cards

Many of you no doubt received a Starbucks card or two this holiday season. If you did, this is a reminder to set up an account with Starbucks and to register your cards. Not only does registering your card protect you should the card be lost or stolen, but you also earn rewards for each purchase you make on your account. Don't miss out on valuable Starbucks perks!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sonic Happy Hour

Sonic celebrates Happy Hour EVERY day between 2 and 4pm. Get half-priced drinks and slushies! Perfect excuse to treat the kids, eh? 101 Main St., Vista.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Save Money All Year Long- Mark Your Calendar and Save

Ever wondered what the best time was to get the greatest deals on the products you love? Here is a quick cheat sheet:

August: Most summer gear- expect to see items from grills to bathing suits
Sept: Back to school deals- Office supplies to computers
October: New home appliances- New models come out, snatch up last year's model
November: Holiday Sales
December: Seasonal Items
January: Sheets and Linens- check out white sales
February: Winter Clothes
March: Small electronics- New models come out, so grab last year's
April: Cookware and other household items
May: Yard Sales and Flea Markets heat up
June: Gym memberships
July: Big Sales that revolve around holidays such as 4th of July

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Subscribers, Please Click on Confirmation Link

Lots of new subscribers lately- I like that! Many of you are in my records as "unverified" because you signed up for daily email updates, but did not complete the second step in the process...clicking on the confirmation link that was sent immediately to you via email after you signed up. This process must be completed in order to receive your daily updates. Please check your email inbox. Welcome! Also, please come visit and "like" Around The Town on facebook.!/BarbAroundTheTown