Saturday, September 28, 2013

Please Use Around The Town Links When Purchasing through Daily Deal Sites

Many of you have mentioned to me that with inundated email inboxes, you appreciate how I aggregate the best of the daily deals for the day so that you don't have to go through your inbox every day scanning each offer. What you might not know is that I am an affiliate with many of these companies, so if you purchase through Around The Town's links, I may get a small percentage of the sale as a thank you from the company. So my request to you is that you use my links when you order your daily deals from companies such as Groupon, Living Social (and others), and print your free coupons from, etc. When I share a deal with you, I always post a link as well so it's right there for you- no searching for it. When you use my links it helps me do giveaways and prizes for my subscribers, which I love to do!  Thanks so much everyone for taking a moment to read this and for using my provided links when you place your orders. Barb

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Organizing Your Daily Deal Certificates

Do you love to find a great offer on the daily deal sites like I do?  I have quite a stack of vouchers going and I want to give you a few pointers on keeping yours organized and share what's worked for me.

1. DO take advantage of the fabulous deals offered on the daily deal sites because you can save a lot of money and be introduced to some fantastic local businesses.

2. Always print your voucher as soon as you order them. If you order on your iPad or phone, make a note for yourself to get it done that day so you don't forget.

3.  Organize your vouchers by expiration date, ones that expire first placed on top.

4.  Make a list organized by expiration month to pin somewhere prominent that lists your deals you have available and the date they must be used by, and always be checking.

5. This is just me, but how I do it. I keep a stack of vouchers in the car for places that I will definitely use while out and about and I want to make sure they are on hand.  I keep vouchers that require a little more planning inside the house. Review both stacks often and make your plans around them.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Half-Priced Vouchers at Some of My Favorite North County Restaurants

DoubleTakeDeals has half-priced vouchers to a few of my favorite places right now, the one I am most excited about is CafĂ© Merlot at Bernardo Winery.  You spend $20, but get to enjoy $40 in food and drink. If you hang out Around The Town much, you know Bernardo Winery Inc is one of my favorite places in North County, and to be able to grab half-priced breakfast or lunch while there just makes it all the more enjoyable. Besides the obvious wine-tasting, the grounds also have shops, special artisan events, live music on the patio on Sundays, farmers market on Fridays and more. This offer is limited-release, so grab yours now before they are gone. While you are at the site, please check out half-off deals at Icebox Junior and Via Sicilia in Vista, and Woody's in Solana Beach as well.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Get1Free Deals

I just became an affiliate for Get1Free because I have found them a great source for both buy one get one free offers as well as for finding fantastic money-saving coupons for businesses all over town. Check them out and I would love it if you could go through my link below when shopping them. Thanks! Barb