Monday, August 20, 2018

Cooking Classes with Treehouse Kitchen in Encinitas

 Treehouse Kitchen, Encinitas, CA

There is a new place in town to brush up on your culinary skills in North County. Its called Treehouse Kitchen and it's a beautiful, intimate studio in a residential neighborhood of Encinitas.  Skilled chefs are brought in to teach a variety of classes from making sweet/savory hand pies (I took this class), to making jams, krauts and pickling, Thai and French cuisine, pizza, grilling, sourdough bread, date night pizza night and more.  More classes are being added all the time and they are open to suggestions on classes that the community would be interested in.  The hosts are Stan and Mary, a great couple that work in tandem to help facilitate the guest chef of the day and keep things rolling behind the scenes. When we were short on plums for our sweet hand pies, Stan ran out to the garden to grab more. Handy, right?

In the class I took, we all jumped in and participated in prep work, and then we enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  We were sent home with detailed recipes and how to's so we could recreate the deliciousness at home.

If you would like to take a class outside of a commercial store or strip mall, not be pressured by sales, and support local, small business, this is your ticket!  Grab a group of friends or schedule a date night and see what Treehouse Kitchen is about. If you like to cook or would just like to learn something more specialized, I promise you will love these classes and the venue and walk away with new knowledge and skills in the kitchen.  You will probably have made some nice new friends as well. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience today and would highly recommend this business to all of you.  

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Reverse 911 for Emergency Alerts

Emergency alerts may save your life or the life of someone you love. Many don’t know that cell phone numbers aren’t automatically enrolled in the emergency alert system that most know as “reverse 911.”  You must register cell phones on this site (for San Diego County).
Hopefully watching the devastating fires of late and some of the most unfortunate outcomes, this will serve as incentive to get registered. If you live in another county, research your local alert system. Thank you Janine, former firefighter for the tip.