Monday, June 29, 2015

Getting a Free European Vacation Experience When You Order Your New Volvo

I have asked Around The Towner Denise J. to share with us information on how to vacation on Volvo's dime when you order your new car.  I marveled when she told me about this amazing opportunity years ago, and their family is preparing to take advantage of the program again.  Thank you Denise for sharing your experience with us and doing this writeup! 

You’ve gone on vacation and brought back souvenirs, right?  Did you know you can fly to Europe for free and bring back a Volvo?   Volvo has an Overseas Delivery Program that includes two round-trip airline tickets to/from Scandinavia or London, on British Airways or SAS, transport from the Gothenburg, Sweden airport to your hotel, 1 night hotel stay in Gothenburg, breakfast on the first morning, transport from the hotel to the Volvo Factory, a tour of the Volvo Factory, lunch at the Volvo factory, 15 days of European car insurance, Swedish car registration, and home shipment of your Volvo to your home dealer.  

If you’re interested on traveling to Europe on Volvo’s dime, the first step is ordering a car from your local Volvo dealer.  The car will be made specifically for you with the colors and options you choose.  Ordering occurs 5-6 months prior to your trip by giving a $2000 deposit and choosing your M-F pick up and drop off dates.  Pick up and drop off in Gothenburg is free.  There is a minimum $950 charge for picking up at one of their other 12 locations; dropping off at one of their other 18 shipment locations will cost you a minimum of 50 euros.
A week or so after ordering, a package will arrive from Volvo Travel.  This department will book your free flights, any additional flights if needed, and help with any other optional travel packages you may be interested in.  If flying during the more expensive summer months, Volvo will collect a $300 surcharge per ticket.  You get to choose the flight times and US airport that is best for you even if it may be the more expensive option.

Thirty days prior to your Volvo’s pick up date, the car’s final payment is due in full.  This can be paid via financing (Volvo or your own means), cash, check, credit card, etc.  Once your vacation is over, it’ll take 8-12 weeks (usually fewer) for your car to arrive at your local dealer via ship.  
My husband and I picked up our first Volvo, a S40, in April 2007.  We were gone for one week and drove the car from Gothenburg to Copenhagen to Hamburg to Amsterdam and dropped off the car in Amsterdam.  This November, we will take our two teenagers with us to pick up a S60.  Our itinerary includes driving the car from Gothenburg to Copenhagen to Hamburg to Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris, drop off the car in Paris, take a train to London and depart.  We will be traveling for ten days during the kids’ Thanksgiving vacation week.  

New Estate Sale Business to Follow- Lori's Treasures of Time

I have a friend, Lori Risch, and she has just started her own Estate Sale business called Lori's Treasures of Time after working in the industry for many years. Please check out her website when you have a moment and consider her if you should have any need for such services in the future. Also, please "like" her Facebook page.  Lori is very talented as well as someone with a big and warm heart and she is going to do great things in her new efforts. I will be sure to keep you treasure hunters informed of upcoming sales in North County.  Please check Lori's Treasures of Time Facebook page for address.