Sunday, November 11, 2018

Setting Up a Household Emergency Kit

It's always good to be prepared for an emergency, so I just wanted to get everyone thinking about being prepared, just in case.  There are many situations that require an emergency kit for peace of mind and emergency preparedness ranging from big storms to wildfires. When an emergency situation strikes, time is of the essence. Find a sturdy, portable container or tote and assemble the following:

  • 3 days worth of food and water, and can opener if needed
  • first aid kit
  • battery powered or hand crank flashlights, radio and batteries if needed
  • duct tape and trash bags for sheltering (see for details)
  • regional maps
  • items for personal sanitation or specific family needs (hygiene, pet supplies, etc.)
  • medical masks to protect against air-quality issues and infections
  • small amount of cash in case ATM's are down (5 days worth is ideal)

Remember to keep your kit updated and fresh. Check twice a year or more if needed. Has your power gone out? not a bad idea to unplug appliances and electronics, turn off heating/cooling systems to avoid damages that come with power surges once the electricity is restored. Leave on one lamp so you will know when power has been restored. It is a good idea to make a family emergency plan that includes meeting places (one nearby and one further away). Keep a copy of this plan in your kit. Teach all family members to text. Even if phone lines are down or backed up, texting will usually go through. Being prepared = peace of mind.