Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rebecca's Garden- A Carlsbad Treasure Trove!

YOU GUYS! did I ever find a treasure of a spot today! It's called Rebecca's Garden and I honestly was going to walk right past it when my friend noticed the sign and we doubled back and I'm sure glad we did! Do any of you know about this place? It's on State Street in Carlsbad. Sometimes when I go to Succulent Cafe I use the parking lot on State Street just a block away. I have walked past this treasure trove without even seeing it before. From the street it's just this little sign leading you down an alley into this outdoor wonderland of garden goodies. Becky, the owner is sweet and delightful and this place showcases her talents and passions. What I really love is that her prices are for everyone. She gets things at a savings and then she passes those savings along to us. Everything is very affordable. I can't wait to bring some friends and go back and do some shopping. When you come in, tell her that Barb from Around The Town sent you. Sorry, no Facebook page to reference. Word of mouth is what she uses. ❤️ Go soon! Shop local, shop small.  For more photos, please see my post on Around The Town's Facebook page.  She is open Monday through Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM. Rebecca's Garden can be found in the alley next to Leap of Faith Crafts and Fine Vintage Goods at 3087 State Street.