Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips for Whale Watching Tours- It's Prime Season in San Diego

Whale watching is big this time of year in San Diego. Prime season is December though April in San Diego.  The U-T Tribune put together a nice list of helpful suggestions for when you take your tour.
Dress for cold and wind. Layer with long pants and rubber soled shoes.
  • Bring: sunglasses, sunscreen, a camera, binoculars and hats if they are secured to head.
  • Be prepared: Be at the boat at least 15 minutes early, and use the bathroom before you sail. Dramamine is a good idea if you tend to get motion sickness.  Ginger ale and crackers can also help a sick stomach.
  • Check your individual boat for dining options or if they allow you to bring snacks/lunches.
  • Deals- there are always deals available for whale watching tours. Check your daily deal sites and entertainment books for coupons. Occasionally if your trip spots no whales, they will offer a return trip at no extra cost.  Check with your individual ship for guarantees.
Also, please check out this U-T posted writeup on whale watching from the perspective of a mom, it's so helpful!