Sunday, June 10, 2012

Krikorian Premiere Club Card

Have you ordered yours yet? If Krikorian is not your primary theatre, check yours for their own loyalty card- most theatres offer one. I am going to tell you the advantages of Krikorian's card, as that is my theatre of choice. I have talked about it before, but if you haven't taken the approximately 2 minutes it takes to order one online at, please take a moment to do so. Using your card helps you earn rewards such as free food and drink items as well as free tickets.  Show your card both when purchasing your movie ticket and every time you order at the concession stand to earn points.  Enjoy other perks like free popcorn on Wednesdays, and waived fees for tickets purchased on  For something that is free, the benefits are big, and who doesn't like something for nothing? Check it out.

Regal Movie Crown Club- Deals for Movie-goers

I have long praised the concept of joining your theatre's movie club as there are so many benefits available to you for taking a quick minute to sign up. I have told you about Krikorian's program many times in the past,, now take a look at what Regal has to offer Don't see another movie without using your card and earning valuable points!