Sunday, April 29, 2018

Making The Most of Your Entertainment Book Purchase

Entertainment Books are such a valuable form of savings around town and you can use them when you eat out, shop, bowl, go to a play, travel and on and on.  But to make best use out of them, you need to know how to use them and you need to use them often.  Here is a list of suggestions that I follow:

1.  Load the free phone app and USE IT.  Turn on push notifications and your phone will let you know whenever you are in proximity of a use.  Inside the app you can load and choose favorite offers.  You also score additional offers by using your app. My husband doesn't carry a book around, but he does use the app, so it's always on him.  For example, yesterday he was shopping at Big 5, checked his app, and was able to save $10 off his $50 purchase!  Very handy!

2.  I go through the book when I first get it and I tear out coupons that are favorites and places I frequent often.  I put them in my wallet, all in the same place, so they are on me at all times.

3.  When the family goes out to eat, I go through Entertainment Book offers FIRST to see if there is an offer we want to use.

4.  Buy an extra book and keep it in your car so you always have access to all your offers.

5.  Maybe the best suggestion is to go through your book often to remind yourself of what offers are available. Keep tearing out your favorites and make a point to use them!