Monday, November 19, 2012

Bed Bath & Beyond Takes Coupons for EACH Item in Your Cart

This is a reminder to some, and new information for others. When shopping and Bed Bath & Beyond, they take a coupon for each and every item in your cart. Their coupons are mailers, in the paper, in your Entertainment Books, in your favorite magazines. Their usual coupons are either save 20% on one single item, or save $5 off a $15 purchase.   Most people believe they have to pick and choose one coupon, but apply any coupons you have to your total sale to save huge! I used mine just yesterday when stocking up on Keurig K-Cups. Did you know they even take EXPIRED coupons? It does not matter if the coupon expired 2 years ago, they will take it. Here is another wonderful piece of information...if you were shopping at this store and did not have coupons on you (I ALWAYS keep some in my wallet, just in case), bring back your receipt at a later date with your coupon(s) and they will cheerfully do a price adjustment.