Monday, June 13, 2011

Being Prepared with Your Coupons at The Register

Did you know there is a "proper order" to submit your coupons at the cash register to maximise your savings? Don't trust the cashiers to put them in the correct order, take matters into your own hands! Here are examples at three popular drug stores: Rite Aid: If you have a coupon for money off your entire order, present that to the cashier first, then hand over any other store and manufacturer coupons for specific items. CVS: Scan you ExtraCare card first to ensure you get Extra Bucks. Give money-off coupons next (such as $5 off $25 purchase), then store coupons, manufacturers' coupons and lastly, Extra Bucks. *Note from Barb- First thing you should do when you enter CVS, way before you get to the register is scan your card at the kiosk by the door for special coupons generated just for you- you might want to use them on your shopping trip. Walgreens: Most avid coupon clippers can not agree on the best order to hand things over at Walgreens. Try different combinations until you find the one that works for your particular store. Bet you did not realise there was such a science to couponing. I know I will be paying better attention the next time I hand mine over.

North County Bikers

Did you know that more miles were added to the bike trail by San Luis Rey last year? The trail now stretches nine miles from the west end of Neptune to North Santa Fe Road. The Class 1 bike trail sits completely separate from roadways and is used by cyclists, runners and walkers. Check it out soon!