Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Benefits of Email Clubs

Do you join the email clubs of your favorite restaurants and stores? If you don't, you really should think about it. February is my birth month, and my inbox is PACKED with birthday offers- I am going to try to remember all that have come in so you can see how I will benefit this month. Swagbucks- 50 points added to my account, Chico's- $10 to spend, Rubios- free combo meal, McDonalds- free breakfast sandwich and medium McCafe coffee or hot chocolate, Claim Jumper- free meal (up to $18.00), Which Wich- Free Sandwich, Daphne's- free meal, Islands- free dessert, Chili's- free dessert, Buca di Beppo- free appetizer, Dennys- free Grand Slam, Baskin Robbins- free cone, Surf Ride- 20% off next purchase, Ruby's- Free Sundae, Cold Stone- free ice cream, Pat & Oscars- free Big Cookie Dessert, Boston's- free dessert, Mimi's- free entree up to $10, Starbucks- free drink of my choice. These are just some of the deals that come to mind- others have come in, and others will continue to roll in. So as you can see, there is great value to joining email clubs. You might want to consider an alternate free email account such as gmail to use for such things so your email inbox does not get cluttered up.

Discounts for Online Shopping

I have heard this one a few times, and just started doing it myself. When you go online to shop and find items you are interested in, put the items in your cart and then...wait. As in log out and forget about it for a day or two. More often than not, during that waiting period between putting items in your cart and actually purchasing, the vendor will send an email code for a discount that's anywhere from 25-40% off. It gives the customer incentive to complete their order. This tends to work about 50% of the time.