Thursday, August 31, 2017

Family Fun at New and Improved Belmont Park

When is the last time you played like you were a kid? Belmont Park invited me and some friends to come play with them this week and boy did we have fun! I can't even begin to list all the things that we did but here are a few: rock wall climbing, zip lining, riding rides, mini golf, laser tag and laser maze. It was my first time to the park in decades. They have really been working on improvements and adding more fun things to the park as well as all new restrooms. Parking is free which is fantastic. If it's been a while, maybe you should go check it out! If you have even half as much fun as we did it will be worth your time. Thank you Belmont Park for a wonderful day! We all slept well after our busy day of play.

Friday, August 25, 2017

iFLY Indoor Skydiving is Now Open in Oceanside

There's a new thrill in town and it's called iFLY Indoor Skydiving.  If you have ever wanted to know the feeling of flight without having to freefall out of an airplane, this is your chance!  I went to their grand opening on August 23rd and experienced flight for myself.  Let me tell you about it...

I watched with anticipation, as many of you did, the construction process in Oceanside, along the 78 freeway by the El Camino Real exit.  Viewing the magnitude of the tower from the road, it was hard to imagine anyone soaring to the heights of that structure.  I was impressed with the facility.  It is warm and comfortable. The flight tube is open for viewing in the center of the room so everyone can view the action.  I learned a few pointers while waiting my turn.  The first step after booking your flight is to take a short class with 10 to 12 classmates, where you will learn the basics of how to fly and also how read your guide's hand gestures.  Next you will get suited up in a jumpsuit (it goes right over your clothes), goggles and earplugs.  Wear closed-toe shoes, preferably with laces and leave your jewelry at home or remove before flight.

Now it's time to fly!  One by one, your group of 10-12 will be taken into the flight chamber, but don't worry, your certified flight instructor will be with you to help and guide you as you get used to the 90 mph winds blowing beneath you.  After 1 or 2 minutes of flight at about the 4-6 foot range, you will exit the chamber and go to the back of the line. I like to call this "getting your feet wet."  You will get another turn to do your thing (guided again), then if you desire, your instructor will grab the handles on the side of your suit and take you in circular motion to the top of the tower and down several times.  Flying high in the tower or doing tricks are advanced moves and require training, so the average novice will not be able to do these things. You can rest assured that there is someone there to guide you and look out for your safety while you do basic maneuvers.  Did I mention that the instructors are very kind, patient and even funny?  They really know how to set nervous flyers at ease.

The flight was exhilarating. It was a bit more athletic work than I imagined it would be.  Holding position while trying to relax into pose, while battling high winds takes a lot of muscle work and stamina.  People might balk at at the short 2-minute flight experience, but the truth is that it is tiring and the average person is exhausted after 2 minutes.  If flying really interests you they have classes you can take to advance your skills. Cool, right?

iFLY has you covered for birthday parties (how fun would that be), corporate events and group activities.  Please give them a lookover and don't hesitate to drop by the business and see how it is done. I can tell you that I saw all ages, sizes and fitness levels giving it a try, and almost anyone can do this.  Last week they had a 3 year old and an 85 year old fly!  This iFLY is one of the few franchised iFLY businesses and is run by a former Navy Seal and his wife. You can find iFLY at 3178 Vista Way in Oceanside or give them a call at 760-606-4359.  Reservations are recommended. Visit soon and tell them you read about them on Around The Town!

Monday, August 21, 2017

College Students get Amazon Prime for Half Off!

Prime Student - Did you know that COLLEGE STUDENTS can get half off the fee for Amazon Prime? 

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