Saturday, September 28, 2013

Please Use Around The Town Links When Purchasing through Daily Deal Sites

Many of you have mentioned to me that with inundated email inboxes, you appreciate how I aggregate the best of the daily deals for the day so that you don't have to go through your inbox every day scanning each offer. What you might not know is that I am an affiliate with many of these companies, so if you purchase through Around The Town's links, I may get a small percentage of the sale as a thank you from the company. So my request to you is that you use my links when you order your daily deals from companies such as Groupon, Living Social (and others), and print your free coupons from, etc. When I share a deal with you, I always post a link as well so it's right there for you- no searching for it. When you use my links it helps me do giveaways and prizes for my subscribers, which I love to do!  Thanks so much everyone for taking a moment to read this and for using my provided links when you place your orders. Barb