Sunday, December 11, 2016

Solutions for Change Needs Our Support

Who else loves what Solutions for Change is doing in our community and how they are bringing hope to the hopeless? They need our help and support now more than ever with new government regulations. My family has decided to send some dollars their way this holiday season. I just got to thinking there are so many thousands of us here on Around The Town, wouldn't it be a good opportunity to ask who would be willing to donate $5 to $10 (or certainly more) this month along with my family? Sometimes people don't give because they think that their contribution is not big enough to make a difference. What I'm saying is if we banded together and put a whole bunch of smaller donations together we could come up collectively with a big donation. If you are willing to partner with a very worthy cause with me simply comment to this post and let's see how many people we can get to take part. Donations can be made here:… or to their mailing address at: 722 West California Ave • Vista, CA 92083