Thursday, December 15, 2011

ALWAYS Use Discount Codes for Online Orders

Most of you know this already, but some still do not, so I am going to write about it. Whenever you go to make a purchase online, there is almost always a code you can apply for either free shipping or a discount to your order. Say you want to order something from Pottery Barn, but you don't know of any discounts available. Before you order, ALWAYS google "Pottery Barn coupon" or "Pottery Barn coupon code," or "Free shipping Pottery Barn." Up will come a list of codes that will tell you the particulars, the dates the offer is good, whether there is a minimum purchase required, etc. When you go to checkout, put the selected code in. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. If you put a code in that is rejected, just go back to the list and try another one. For instance, I was going to order a Christmas gift this last weekend, had no codes, so went to pull up some codes and it took me about three tries, but eventually i found one that gave me free shipping plus 20% off. Remember this especially if you plan to Christmas shop online. In most cases, at the very least, you should never have to pay for shipping.