Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Geocaching- A Fun Family Activity

Geocaching is an outdoor game that uses a GPS receiver (or a phone that has one built-in). It's an inexpensive, interactive experience that has players finding and hiding containers called caches. It's a scavenger hunt, with a high-tech twist. You can sign up for free at Enter your zip code and how many miles you'd like to venture from home (or from the town you are visiting). Press Go and you'll find a slew of listings- often hundreds or nearby caches. A quick summary: Caches are containers that have been hidden by fellow geocachers- anyone can do it. The person who initially hides the cache posts its GPS coordinates on, which is how you know where to look. Caches are everywhere- there are 900,000 worldwide! Most smart phones these days have a GPS system which makes this activitiy easy, or you can buy one, such as the Geomate.jr ($70) which actually comes preloaded with about 250,000 geocache coordinates. The Garmin eTrex H ($100) is also a popular choice. *Note from Barb: We have not tried this yet as a family, but have friends that have been hiding and searching for geocaches for years and LOVE it.