Sunday, February 5, 2017

Around The Town's New Restaurant Review Program for Restauranteurs


I'm trying something fun and new at Around The Town (ATT) and it is geared towards owners of North County dining establishments. This includes all types of restaurants including those that specialize in breakfast, lunch and dinner but also bakeries, sandwich shops and even pizza.

Are you a North County eatery and would you like a chance to showcase your delectables on Around The Town? If you would like to host a tasting event for between 6 and 8 people, including myself, this is your chance to do it. 

Guests at each tasting event will be randomly selected by contest entry on ATT. YOU select and provide the menu items and # of guests you would like to host and I will give an honest review and showcase the event through a blog post complete with photos and details about the food served. Remember, this is your opportunity to introduce new, fun and eclectic items to all Around The Town followers, so show us your best stuff . If you choose to throw your name in the hat please use my contact form and give a complete detailing of menu items to be served. If your establishment is chosen, I will contact you and set everything up.
This should be fun! Let's do it!