Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Huge Discounts at Vistaprint

If you need anything for your business, Vistaprint is your source for inexpensive, professional advertising items. I just created some updated business cards and they came out fantastic. I also just took advantage of their free Tshirt offer, so watch out for the gal in the "BarbAroundTheTown.com" tshirt and say hello! Vistaprint is also a great option for invitations, banners, stamps, notecards, announcements and so much more. Check them out and new customers can save up to 80% on your first order. Be sure to check out their "free products" tab. http://www.vistaprint.com/referfriend.aspx?tellapal.id=83b12f2f-8bad-4a49-bc0f-67cee9a824c8&GP=5%2f10%2f2011+4%3a12%3a01+PM&GPS=1544607853&GNF=1&GPLSID=